What our clients say

"Thanks to Rola, I could enjoy my wedding as a bride. She helped me realize my vision for the wedding and scheduled everything to run smoothly for my family and my guests. I didn't have to worry that all the day-of work would fall on my family members either -- we knew everything was in Rola's very capable hands. The wedding turned out perfectly, thanks to her attention to detail, her knowledge of what I wanted the wedding to be, and her last-minute MacGyver troubleshooting. She sewed up a clasp on my wedding dress the morning of the wedding! I didn't even have time to sweat before she had fixed it. I can't express my appreciation for Rola enough.

- Noor

I don't even have words for how grateful we are for everything you did for our wedding. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Everyone has said how gorgeous everything looked, how smoothly everything went, and how much fun they had. I truly give you all the credit for that -- I am so humbled by all of your help and your generosity. Thank you just isn't enough. Please know how grateful we are.

- Mazie

Dear Rola Thank you for making our wedding beautiful and special moment in time. We re grateful for your time, your energy, resources and kindness, but most of all your creative vision. thank you for everything we are eternally grateful love.

- Berenika and Kevin

Dear Rola, thank you so much for the soft beauty that your decorator's eye brought to the wedding we would have truly been lost without you! We appreciate all of the late night and the trips to LA in search of perfection Love.

- Melissa